It is in times of severe crisis that the real moral of any person institution or party for that matter comes to front. The skew we find in narratives that claim to be secular today is particularly disturbing – assassination of Mrs. Gandhi took place on  31 October 1984 and it took three days (3rd Nov) to deploy the army during which senior Congress leaders such as H.K.L Bhagat, Sajjan Kumar and Jagadish Tytler personally directed violence, murder, rape and pilferage. Narasimha Rao the then Home minister of India did nothing for 3 days. Over 3,000 Sikhs were slaughtered on the streets of India’s capital over  those 3 days. Independent sources estimate the number of deaths at about 8,000 including at least 3,000 in Delhi alone. sikh (1)The Central Bureau of Investigation, the main Indian investigative agency, believes that the violence was organised with support from the Delhi police and some central-government officials. Much distinguishes this pogrom from other communal riots which have happened of late. The violence which erupted in 1984 was not initiated by the average Delhiite, who was bitter at Sikhs for sharing the same faith as Indira Gandhi’s assassins. Rather, it was instigated by senior members of the Congress party’s establishment itself. The Congress Party then successfully termed the genocide – as ‘riots’ and fought their defence of what occurred from this position. Even to this day we commonly hear ‘Delhi Riots’ or the ‘Anti-Sikh Riots‘. In 2011, Human Rights Watch reported that the Government of India had “yet to prosecute those responsible for the mass killings”. According to the 2011 WikiLeaks cable leaks, the United States was convinced of Indian National Congress complicity in the riots and called it “opportunism” and “hatred” by the Congress government of Sikhs. Yet we seem to write it off. Had this pogrom been against Hindus or Muslims in India or organized by another political party would we have still marketed them as the “sane-secular alternative” ?

Compare this to the post-Godhara riots in Gujarat on 28 February 2002 and the army was deployed within 48 hours by 2:30 pm on March 1. Yet we seem to vilify the bad handling of the Gujarat riots and rightly so but then the skew in the argument used for these two pogroms glares us right on our face. The systemic demonization of Modi in the media begins post 2002 and it converted Modi bashing into an extremely rewarding career advancement strategy for media persons, NGO activists, academics and sundry intellectuals. digvijayThanks to the partisan propaganda by bleeding-heart media, NGO´s and leftie do-gooders on the Congress payroll , the act became a sophisticated art in itself and a pre-requisite today to be perceived as secular. Conversely, you are condemned to lifelong perdition, treated as a political and intellectual outcast subject to unending vilification campaigns starting with being labelled a fascist if you dare say one word either in defence of Modi or suggest a bit of caution to Modi bashers.  Blind devotion on one side, and jeering on the other, fantasising about secular panic and apocalyptic horror is simply hysterical – anti-Modi campaigners run their rabid campaigns professing such apocalyptic aspertions almost blind-folded and we would be guilty of intellectual cowardice if we were not to acknowledge that.

In all honesty the riotous, raucous, vibrant marketplace of ideas and liberalisation of the last 20 years has only brought with it regional warlords, casteist queens, commies and capitalists, lobbyists and networkers of business, industry, commerce. If one were to objectively analyse the situation without taking any political pot-shots, the difference between the Congress and the BJP in reality is only a cow – that too a recent phenomenon. Communal divisive politics is a general characteristic of the sub-continent´s political parties than a singular attribute of one single party. rahul (1)Nevertheless one must admit that the Congress still can offer us a platform but only if it can shake of its Gandhi-yolk in the future least it too suffers from the handicap of communal divisive politics and insane corruption. The Congress has so many abled intelligent charismatic people – Jyothiraditya Scindia, Sachin Pilot, Shashi Tharoor, Mani Shankar Iyer and yet it fears of a crash if it were not a Gandhi at its helm !!. The Congress desperately clings on to Rahul – already one of the accused in the National Herald case – imagine if this is the state of affairs before what is to be after . Therein begins the charade to white wash and repackage Pappu into a new avatar so that he can be the Messiah of a beleagured Congress – pathetic. The lengths to which Indian journalists and media are lobbying to re-cast an image for him these last few months is almost – shameless. Can India not motivate and encourage the Congress to look for an icon beyond the Pidiman ?